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3SGE VVTi inlet RH signal error: extra pulses


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I'm quite new to this. I bought a car with the engine and G4 already in it. Had some sort of tune but never ran too good. I later transferred everything into a different car and went from factory manifold to ITBs.

Went to a dyno tune up few days ago, he cleaned it up quite bit but couldn't get much peak power. It runs good up to about 5000RPM and the curve flattens. I was told the inlet cam variable timing doesn't work as any adjustments he tried to make didn't make any difference. So I need to sort it out before I can go back.

Ever since I've checked the wiring and the cam position sensors, even tried to swap them, everything seems to be as it should be. I ran the cam angle test, the offset on the inlet was quite a bit off so I've adjusted from 100 to 42.5. It seems to run even better after offset adjustment but I'm still getting inlet signal error: extra pulses. Also the inlet posn value is at 6553.5 at all times. I'll attach the screenshot of runtime values in the next post.

I'll be thankful for any help.


inlet_err.llg stage 1.5.pcl



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Trigger 2 VVT needs to be set to Inlet LH (not RH) and same with Aux 1.  The RH cam is only used for 2 bank control on Vee or boxer engines.

That offset doesnt seem right either, it should be around 40-46 so I suspect the cam sensor might be wired backwards, but do another cam angle test after you have swapped those settings above and report back.


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IMG_20200810_183532.thumb.jpg.1efd0eb36cf4f56a26075edb03f3fc6b.jpgThanks! That did the job. Hopefully everything is all god now. I did a few cam angle tests after and made a little adjustment so I'm at 43.8 inlet and 46.5 exhaust. I wasn't sure though as the numbers rise a little with increased revs am I supposed to use the number I get just above RPM Lockout or what sort of rev range I'm targeting?

stage 1.5.pcl inlet_err_fix.llg

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Typically RPM lockout is best just above normal idle somewhere, say 1500RPM, and that is where I would normally do the cam angle test.  There may be a little drift with RPM due to cam belt etc but I would generally expect less than say 2 or 3 degs.

Note, for a decent VVT starting point, you can open up our Altezza base map in the G4+ software, export the VVT tables, then import them into your map using the G4 software.

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