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E36 Idle issues


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Hey guys, Ive got an E36 sedan with a stroked 3 litre m50, m3 cams, 850cc injectors, PnP ecu, dyno tuned a few weeks ago and made 221whp. Pretty happy.

The issue I've got is that once its warm it struggles to catch itself coming back down to idle.

I've looked through the Ignition idle settings and some logs and to my inexperienced it looks like it is trying to do what its meant to, but its just not right. The RPMs drop routinely into the 400s or less, and when I put extra load on it ie. power steering pump in parking situations it stalls completely.

I've attached my file and a log for examination.

Hopefully someone has some answers, so thanks in advance.


idle problems.llg shaun2.pclr

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It looks like mostly your base position table isnt right, at the beginning of the log it needs about 35% to idle at 800 yet your base position table only has 28% in it.  But I also dont like how the idle ign table has been set up and the idle area in the main ign table is really odd too.  So I have attached your tune with these changed to how I would normally expect them to be.  Since I have changed quite a bit, I still may not have the idle correct, but do another log with these settings and we will see if we are heading in the right direction.


shaun2 new idle.pclr

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That is so much better, and those settings are so different to the tuners. Its seems to have a tendency to hang a little bit though, but its much better then stalling.

The place that tuned my car were really unprofessional with communication and just getting the job done by when they said they would. Maybe they rushed my car?


But thanks so much for having a look for me.

idle problems2.llg

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