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Monsoon SR20 first start help


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Probably a stupid question but how do I start the eccs sync so I can pickup rpm signal? I thought it was a Wiring problem at first, then got my unlock code and did that


I can test injectors and they fire but for the life of me I cant get the coils 


Also get a weird fuel pump fault whenever I hook the pump up (assuming it's because I had it hot wired before and it needs a relay now? If I test the pump with a power probe it's fine and if I leave the wire from the link unhooked then no fault) 




Thanks for any help!! Pic of motor for attention


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So do the coils spark if you manually set them to test mode?

For the ECCS sync, if your "ECCS widest slot" already says 16 degs then you dont need to do anything, it is fine as is.  If it says 0 or some other number then I would just manually change it to 16.  To do this you have to first turn the "Test ECCS sync" setting on, the widest slot number will then unlock, so type in 16 then turn the "Test ECCS Sync" off again to lock it.  

The next question is, do you get valid RPM displayed in the software when you are cranking? (should be around 150-250RPM).

As for the fuel pump, how is it wired?  Do you have the ecu switching a relay?

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Had the case wires switched, now have a valid rpm when cranking and heard a pop so I'm going to try to set base timing tomorrow and see if it lights off 


Currently have the aux 2(set to fuel pump) directly to power wire of fuel pump. Going to change that to a activation wire for a relay so it triggers the pump that way it's not Sketchy but I figured it would at least turn it on to test but I'm understanding it only will when it sees it "running" and during prime? 

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