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350 Chev - Ignition only


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I plan to convert my gen1 SBC to LS style coils. The vehicle is 50/50 drag race and street, data logging would be useful including my AEM wideband AFR.

I'm thinking Atom and wasted spark.

The real question is how to trigger the ECU? I think the TPI chevs had a distributor with two triggers, is that the way to go?

Trying to avoid a crank trigger if I can.

Anything else i should be aware of?


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Yes the Atom would be ideal for something like this.  I have used them for a similar purpose in classic racing where only carburetors are allowed.

Especially if you fit a TPS sensor in future you can do a 3D mapped ignition curve as well as idle ignition control for a good road drivability improvement.  You can also use it to do basic launch control, RPM limiting and even engine protection type limiting too if you fit for instance an oil pressure sensor. 

Almost any trigger system will work but even though you specifically said "trying to avoid crank trigger", I'd still like to try to encourage you to consider crank trigger if you can.  Cam driven triggers (ie distributors) will always give significant spark scatter at specific RPM bands due to cam resonance and mechanical backlash so if you get rid of that you can usually tune in a decent performance improvement.  Also if you found a missing tooth type trigger wheel you wont need the cam sensor/distributor at all which may make for a neater install too.  Electromotive do a reasonably priced missing tooth SBC crank trigger kit.

The two sensor distributor you talk of I have never come across personally, but it sounds like it would work.




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Thanks for the advice.

I have decided to go crank trigger after all. I have made a Ø180 x 5mm thick 60-2 trigger wheel and mounted it to the front of the crank.

What position sensor would you recommend? Hall or magnetic?

Any particular sensor? I'd prefer something I can purchase through Repco, BNT or Supercheap.


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A lot of the common ford zetec or duratec crank sensors from late '90s to mid 2000's are simple shapes and well proven reluctor types.   Some examples below.  

image.png.2f92a1e25f03dc42e3eedf583920923a.pngj7bnvOG.png      z8zEAzP.png


Otherwise you could probably get something like this for similar money which might be easier to mount:  https://www.msel.co.nz/epages/motorsportelectronics.sf/en_NZ/?ObjectPath=/Shops/motorsportelectronics/Products/SENSPD500

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