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Boost switch water injection


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Hey there, 

fyi, i used the top one which is fine. 

I now want change it to a little more "fail safe" and also to clean up wiring , i want to use the attached switch ro realize it.

Before i buy the pressure switch i just want to be sure, that it will work fine. But it should work like this or not?


Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-09 um 18.59.33.png


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I got one more question, i want that a specific light in the speedo comes on, when the pressure switch is activated, how do i set this up ? I know my tuner lets my check engine light blink, when my car hits overboost. I want something like this for this pressure switch. i hope its understandable. 

Kind regards

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I‘m Not sure about that , i want the Hicas bulb to light up, when the waes is Working. I know there is an extra ecu for the hicas. But i‘m Not sure of it’s wired up Directly to the speedo. There is also a bulb for overheated catalytic. That would be Fine too, aswell as the ABS, Because my car has none of These left.

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The manual is correct, Aux 1 goes to 106 & 113, it is used for the fuel pump controller in GTR's and VTC in RB25 models.  No cars have both devices hence the same aux can be used.

Aux 5 is not connected.  

You have Ign 7 & 8 and Aux 11 on the expansion loom you can use, or possibly aux 2 is free on the main header - GTS dont normally have fuel pump speed control.  

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