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Injector Duty Cycle spikes on shifts


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Recently started happening, when aggressively shifting through the gears I will get a spike of injector duty cycle that triggers the max duty cycle reached CEL. It shows on the graph in the log attached but does not show in the logged numbers. It is sporadic and not specific to any gear. What is the cause and is there a fix? Evo 3 on e85 with 1650cc injectors, afpr, and walbro 255. 


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Can you try updating to the latest firmware.  You are on quite old firmware, I see in our system there were some changes to the triggers for the max duty cycle flags in FW V6.17.x.

If that doesnt solve it then the next step will be to set up ecu logging so we can log some of the relevant parameters at high frequency - say 500Hz.  With PC Logging at 40Hz it can often miss small spikes.

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