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having a tough time with getting my usdm 04 subaru wrx running


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Hello all. 

I am a new member as I just switched over from a haltech pro pnp ecu to the link g4x pnp for my usdm 2004 subaru wrx, so far i am impressed with how advanced the link software is compared to haltech and how much i can do with this platform.   also i had tons of cam/crank synch issues with the haltech over the years with no luck getting it 100% so i decided to move to this platform and dump haltech.   i am working with Jeff evans @ evans tuning as my tuner but figured i would post up here to see if i can get additional support.

The car is a non-avcs model.   I am having a tough time getting it to run smoothly, and also keeping it running.    i can get it started and it runs for a bit then sputters and shuts off then it will not restart after the initial startup.    I also have been having a weird intermittent situation when i turn the key to the "on" position then the car backfires from the intake manifold and makes a pop sound.    I am using the up to date software and up to date firmware on the ecu.  my tuner started off with using the ver 7 basemap and configured it for my setup.  I was not sure if my car is a ver7 or ver8 though and if using the wrong version can cause issues like this.    Here are the specs on the setup.

- built ej257 with built 04 wrx non avcs heads w/ upgraded cams and valvetrain.  all the wiring and sensors are oem other then additional inputs/outputs for the additional sensors that are wired in the list below.

- additional sensors:  aem oil pressure, aem fuel pressure,  aem iat sensor,  aem 5bar map sensor,  AEM Uego wideband,  haltech oil temp sensor,  haltech/gm flex fuel sensor

i attached my basemap rev3 (third revision) also attached the trigger scope,  and 2 datalogs(10-25 & 10-26)  the 1st one(10-25) the car ran for a bit then sputtered and shut of and that was on basemap rev2,  the 2nd log (10-26) was from rev3 and got it started and ran for about 10sec then shut off.  after the car shuts off it will not restart.    also to note the car does start and run fine on the oem ecu that i have tuned using opensource via speed density.

Here is what i have not done yet and will be doing next.  I have not checked the timing via a timing light so i will be doing that and configuring/checking the timing trigger offset to make sure it is correct.    i am not sure what else i can or should check but any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you




Base rev 3.pclx TriggerScopeLog.llgx 10 25 20 map rev 2.llgx PC Datalog - 2020-10-25 12;50;08 pm.llgx PC Datalog - 2020-10-26 10;11;36 pm.llgx

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In the last log where it appears to be idling ok for a while then stalls, the only cause I see is just before the stall the driving wheel speed exceeds 2kmh so the idle ignition control disables, as soon as the ignition drops from 30deg to 10deg it stalls.  Im not sure if the car did move slightly or that is just noise on the speed sensor signal.  Anyhow, I have bumped up the speed lockout to 10kmh in the attached map.  Since it appears that it may be sensitive to ignition timing it would be a good idea to get a timing light on it to confirm base timing.  

I made a few other changes to your map, you can use the file compare function to see what I changed.  But some basics to start - I turned off IAT trim - in modelled mode this should generally be off as the air density calculation is all part of the model.  I have populated your charge temp approximation table with numbers that will be in the ball park.  I have greatly reduced accel enrichment using numbers more typical, I think it would possibly flood with the tiniest touch of throttle as it was.  I turned off closed loop lambda - get it so it can run continuously own its own before you re-enable that as it will just fight any change you make.  And I changed a few basics in the idle control settings.  

Im not convinced these changes will solve your issue but lets start with those and see what happens.  The VE numbers in your fuel table for instance look a little smaller than I expect yet the lambda was on the rich side and CLL was pulling 20% fuel out so it seems like something else is a bit off somewhere still.  MAP is also higher than normal at idle suggesting the engine is not that happy (could be base timing).  

Im also not convinced any of these things would explain why it doesnt re-start after it stalls.  It that happens again, can you do a pc log and a triggerscope of it cranking during a re-start attempt.

I will PM you about the backfire issue.



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