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Help needed connecting PClink software to g4+ Atom


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I have just bought an older g4+ atom and need to connect to the PC, but can't seem to connect to the ECU, so far I connected via a USB lead with COM5, the PCLink software states the USB connection is okay but re-power the ECU, I have tried this a few times with no joy, does anyone have a suggestion ?

Ps the ECU is fully installed but not giving a spark

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Ok, the next step I would suggest is remove the ecu from the car and power it up on the bench with a 12V battery and a couple of test leads, then try connecting.  All it needs to power up is +12V on pin 5 and ground on pin 34.

There are two possibilities;

  1. It is not powered up properly - i.e a bad ground or a back feed etc.  So enough current leaking through to power the LED but not enough to get it to come alive.
  2. Some of the very early metal case Atoms had a relatively sensative USB circuit and it could be damaged easily.  So it could potentially be damaged.  If you dont get comms when powered up on the bench then that would be my suspicion and it will need to come back to NZ for an upgrade.



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