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ECT Drops Under 50-100% TPS


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Hi there,

i have a parralel install of a Link G4+ plugin evo 1-3 into my Daihatsu YRV engine. The stock ECU control idle, and AC while Link control fuel, ignition & VVT. Stock ECU need to remain as it is running Automatic Transmission.

I notice that when I pressed the throttle, the ECT reading fluctuate and if pressed throttle further ECT will reduce almost 10’C. 

Does anyone had encountered this before? On the stock ecu TPS, ECT & IAT share the same sensor ground. However only ECT affected, IAT are ok. 


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Cant really help with that sorry.  You have wired a plug-in ECU into an application that it was never designed for and piggy backed to make it more complicated, so you are on your own.  We have no information on that car, or how it is wired, there is no way we can help or should be expected to help. 

Obviously a wiring issue that you will have to work through logically. 

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