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Crank Trigger ?

Guest rt1092

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Guest rt1092

I want to know if there is some way to check crank timing?

I am using an adjustable 20 tooth trigger wheel. With a 05 Honda cam sensor for a pickup. We set it up on a scope so I know the polarity is right. I can eyeball it and set a tooth so that it is coming off the pickup at number 1 cyl TDC firing.

I know how to use the timing lock to set the cam sensor. But I'm not sure if the crank sensor is sending the signal at TDC.

With the older (much older) firmware there was a way to shine the timing light on the pickup to check this. But the newer firware doesent seem to have it?

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Guest rt1092

I was under the impression by opening the base timing window I was setting the cam position sensor timing.

When I advance or retard my intake cam I have to go in and reset the offset. If not the ignition timing is moved the same as the cam.

When I changed cams I moved the magnet on the cam till it gets close to the offset number.

So I thought the offset was for the cam position sensor.

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