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CAN Streaming from G4+ Thunder to AEM CD5


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Hi guys having a little minor issue with trying to display AN 7 onto my CD5 which is Coolant Pressure.

I'm transmitting the generic dash over ID 1000 and  user stream 1 over ID 1100.

Generic dash is working perfectly.

3 parameters on user stream 1 are working fine and displaying correctly; Ethanol %, Ethanol Temp and Fuel Level.

I cant for some reason get AN7 (Coolant Pressure) to display on the AEM; I have tried moving it to ID 1101, and also tried changing the start bit on the original ID 1100.

Everything appears as it should work although I'm obviously missing something.

I've attached my current tune tune files if anyone can assist with the CAN stuff for me.


Id love to attach the dash file but its 11.5mb so I cant attach it. Is there a way I can share the dash file?


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A couple of things I notice. 

In the Link software, change the transmit rate on user stream 2 to 20Hz or something.  Some devices dont like 1 Hz.

In the AEM software your start bit is wrong, it should be 8, not zero.

If we look at the link visual frame representation below, you can see in Link the coolant press is spread across byte 0 &1:



However, when we look at the AEM visual representation you can see the red colour is only showing in Byte 0, byte 1 has nothing.  You need to change the start bit so it starts in byte 1.



It should look like this when set correctly:


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Thanks Adam, gave me a little more understanding to the CAN settings, I've made some changes going to see if I can get Coolant PSI over Stream 1 now I have the Bytes matched up in both the dash and software. Ill test on weekend and see how I go!

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Your setup looks correct to me.  You might have to ask AEM for help with the dash settings as the ecu appears to be outputting the data as expected.  

Here is your map loaded in an ecu here with a CAN sniffer attached.  You can see the coolant press of 208 (kpa) is in byte 0/1, it is on ID 1101, and is being transmitted every 0.05sec (20Hz).  Sniffer is set to display ID's and data in decimal in this screenshot. 



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