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Wastegate DC% barometric correction


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I use the car regularly at sea level, live at 700 meters above sea level, and sometimes go to 2000+ meters above sea level. The car is overboosting on sea level and underboosting at high altitude- A wastegate DC% correction based on the barometric sensor could fix that. Is there a way to implement this?

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I'm now setting up closed loop, but I want to get as close as I can with just the open loop setup. When trying closed loop settings on the coast, if i changed from part throttle to full throttle at say 5000 rpm, the boost would overshoot the target, while at 700m closed loop would work ok.

PD: the extension pcl is not allowed by the forum so I had to zip it.


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If you are switching to closed loop at sea level with a %DC Table you established when being in altitude then it's expectable to get boost spikes because your %DC values will be too high at sea level as the air is denser.

You may want to build the %DC table at sea level, or at the lowest altitude possible.

In best case I can imagine the PID algorithm able to add a virtual %DC to what's in the %DC Table to compensate for thinner air, but not the opposite.

In worst case you may lose peak MAP when driving back in altitude but at least you shouldn't see boost spikes anymore.

PS : Your calibration file won't load.

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