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CAN connection for Haltech Thermocouple Amplifier to MR2Link V3 - TST205X


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You will need a CANPCB cable and a CANF plug, this will give you something to connect your wires to at the ecu end.  The CAN wires and the plug at the Haltech end you will have to look after yourself.  Connection will look something like pic below.


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I have now added HT-159976 WB1 Bosch - Single Channel CAN O2 Wideband Controller Kit with my current TCA4 - Quad Channel Thermocouple Amplifier. The Current file is already set up for CAN 1 for Thermocouple Amplifier. Which you help me with this last time. I have looped Thermocouple Amplifier into WB1 Bosch CAN O2 Wideband Controller and back to Can 1. I don't know how to setup CAN for the WBand with the Ecu. Please help. Added current file

Faustmann Tune Gen2 Fans 1-2 and Oil Protection.pclr

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