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RX7 new install injector settings


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I am at the end of an install into a track focussed RX7 with a Link Fury and need some help with a few settings;

I have spark but currently no fuel.


2 rotor 13b with sequential 6 speed Elite gearbox

2 x primary ANSU 90/550 injectors

4 x secondary injectors ANSU 90/550 injectors

4 x AEM ignition coils


I am looking for some assistance around Injector settings, the injectors are 11 ohms, I have set it to sequential/staged but currently gives 4 injectors.

What do I need to do to add the extra injectors and what settings do I need?




I am sure I will need lots more help but would appreciate any assistance to get it running.





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Your injector drive settings are correct.

You should have the two secondary injectors for rotor one connected to inj drive 3 and the two secondaries for rotor 2 connected to drive 4.  

But otherwise the secondary injectors shouldnt prevent the thing from running anyhow.  

Can you give us a log of it cranking and a copy of the map.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks I will parallel the wiring for the secondaries

I will look to get a cranking log when I am next able to get to the car.

I do have synchronisation with good spark triggering and fuel pump activation. The fuel system is pressurised but so far the plugs are dry.

I had the feeling that this was injector setting related and that they were potentially not being switched appropriatel?



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