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Atom G4+ to can lambda and powertune dash

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Hi, was just wondering if there is any way I can wire in a Powertune dash to the CAN circuit along with the existing CAN lambda. On a G4+ Atom, Have wired it in correctly checked all settings with Jono Pace, Double checked all High and Low orientations all correct, still no data stream to the dash.  Any help would be awsome

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Yeah mate can lambda is all ok, but no info coming through to dash, all connections ok, all settings in ecu set up correctly, no can faults, im thinking faulty dash at this stage, just needed confirmation that g4+ can acts like every other can where it will transmit and receive over the same trunk.  Powertune were trying to tell me the atom would only receive if the can lambda was on the same trunk as the dash. 

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No you can have up to 6 devices on the same CAN port, receiving and transmitting together is fine.  CAN lambda actually even has both transmit and receive (exhaust pressure and RPM is sent to the CAN lambda). 

Can you just attach your map so I can do a quick check of your settings.  If there are no CAN errors showing on the CAN runtimes screen then it means the dash must be receiving the ID it expects because if the dash wasnt it wouldnt set the acknowledge bit and the ECU would show acknowledge errors.  

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