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Used Fury G4+ Need Unlock Password


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Hi, I recently purchased a an EFI kit for my Porsche 911 this month and it came with a link fury ecu. Unfortunately it appears to be locked and states “password protection activated”. I contacted the previous owner and he isn’t aware of any passwords and can’t provide one. Can anyone help me figure out how I can obtain this password? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.



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It is the tune that is password protected.  So you will never be able to adjust the tune that is in it.  You can load a new tune in that isnt protected and do what you like with it, but you will need to tune from scratch.

You can save the protected tune that is in it so you have a copy you can load back in if you get stuck, but there is no way to unlock it without getting the password from the original tuner.

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