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G4X Evo 9 VVT problem

Jin KW

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Hi, i have just install the G4X Plugin for Evo 9 and trying to setup the VVT

I have try to calibrate the cam sensor input and adjust the full retard inlet position and there seems still there is missing teeth or tooth tolerence error. I have try swapping new cam sensor and checking the trigger wheel. all seems fine. Any idea will it be the cam gear problem?

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After i change the trigger wheel. the cam scope is much normal.

And another problem now is everytime i start the car, the cam position seems will fluctuate between 0-20deg at target 0. after calibrate it will be more stable. however each time i start the car the problem appear again, and i will need to recalibrate it

TriggerScopeLog EVO 9 Di1.llgx Sam Evo 9 Base Map 090821.pclx

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