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What are the two ports on the Link Thunder?


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I'm still trying to solve PCLink software crashes and the ECU falling offline constantly.  I'd like to find some documentation that talks about the connection speed and baud rates.  I've been auto, manual, low speed, and after 5 days, finally decided to try a full speed connection.  It seems to be more stable.  I know there are two little ports on the Thunder case.  I have the USB cord in one.  What is the other?  Is there a third port somewhere?  RS232?  Can I connect to this device via bluetooth?  Can I connect a small tablet to it somehow?  Where will I find answers to these questions?


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The port with the orange o-ring is USB, the sencod port below it is RS232 & CAN.   You can connect a laptop via RS232 but it is slower than USB, generally only used for old dashboards.  Not commonly used nowadays.



In the connection settings you should have it on Auto max 625k and slow connection un-checked.


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