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OBD is hard


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OK, so have configured CAN1 for 15764 on my AltezzaLink (see attached)

I then unplug the CANPCB cable I was using for USB and plug it into the CAN/RS232 plug on the ECU board, I understand that is CAN1 (right?)

I have a (pre)wired OBD 15764 plug (pretty sure that is right), which i wired up to the link CANF plug according to the pinout (notice it's mirrored).

I turn the car on to accessories, and plugin a Kiwi3 reader which powers up happily, the OBD light flashes once, but nevermore. (I tried the same reader on my BRZ - it's quite happy with that)

now, short of mixing up high/low, I'm running out of ideas on how to diagnose - suggestions?






20210808_224451853_iOS (2).jpg

20210808_224531724_iOS (2).jpg

20210808_225136208_iOS (2).jpg

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