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Is there a way to limit the lamba scale?


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My internal controller is reading up to 148.75 (AFR).  When I'm driving and logging and the car is turned off, the sensor leans out to 148.75 and messes up my log scaling.  I'm only interested in seeing data between 10-20 AFR.  Is this possible?  Even clipping the data on the log screen after, makes things messy.

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Read the help file page:  PCLink G4+ Users Manual > The User Interface > Pop Out Menus > Parameters Menu

You can set the parameter "logging display" scaling to automatic or min/max and define the min/max you want.  This is also where you change the warning values for changing colours on gauges etc.

You can also access the same parameter settings by right clicking on any gauge or logging view and selecting properties then double clicking the parameter you want to change.  

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