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Sr20 new motor issues starting

Phil Mcrack

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I am ripping my hair out trying to figure out what my problem is. Motor is fresh built will crank and crank and sounds like it is almost to the point of starting but it doesn't. Ive physically pulled the fuel rail to see if the injectors are firing and all 4 are, and not leaking. I have also done a compression and is good across all 4. also pulled all the plugs and all 4 are getting spark. When cranking the motor will sometimes give out a really really loud pop. Also black smoke will come out of the exhaust when cranking. I've also tried squirting starter fluid in but it ignites in the intake manifold and pops loud... Also the plugs are wet when pulled after cranking.
Troubleshooting I have done.


  • New spark plugs
  • Brand new cas
  • New ignition chip
  • All fuses in engine bay are good
  • Checked all grounds
  • Put cas in 180 out just to see and no difference
  • Prob some other stuff I'm missing

I really would appreciate any help you guys can give me it's been weeks and I just want to drive it. Thanks.

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