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Can I build my own Parameter?


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I'd like to be able to use a MAP sensor (showing the vacuum range) for measuring my crankcase pressure.  None of the Cal Tables (1-10) will allow you to put a negative number (vacuum) in the configuration.  Is there another way to do this?  Can I make my own custom parameter like "MGP" and reduce the output of the table values by 14.5psi on each voltage input in the table somehow?

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9 hours ago, Adamw said:

The G4+ does not have any user math channels and the GP pressure parameters can only be positive pressure.  You will have to use absolute pressure units.  

Is there anyway to read units of pressure in vacuum (gauge), other than the built in MGP parameter? This seems odd. 

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No.  As I mentioned the GP pressure channels can only display positive values, they are stored as unsigned integers.  To convert an absolute sensor to gauge pressure you need to subtract baro and there is no user math channels.  

In PC Link you will have to work in absolute values, many modern dashes have math channels if you want to display gauge pressure on the dash and most 3rd party log analysis software has math channels if you want to convert to gauge pressure after logging.  

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