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Can inputs to stock dash Proton Preve


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Hi Guys, I need some help to get my tacho and speed meter to work on my dash. I did an engine swap recently on my Proton Preve and the original dash is not working. The engine currently in it is a 4g93t CM5A, and for ecu I have a Link G4x plugin evo 3. I have checked and my stock dash gets the signal from CAN for RPM and Speed. Appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction to get the dash working again.

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My understanding is it is not a common car outside of Malaysia, so there will likely be very little publicly available reverse engineered CAN info.  It may not even use CAN, many low cost cars use cheaper communication methods like K-line or LIN instead.  You will need to find someone locally with an interest in CAN or electronics to sniff a car with the stock ecu and try to reverse engineer it yourself.

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Hi Adam, I got realdash working, I used the dash2pro.xml file you shared in the realdash post but for some reason I cant get the boost meter to read, it just sits at zero. Im using the seeedstudio adapter and wired it to can 1 port on my G4X plugin ecu. Can you point me in the right direction?  

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