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G4X Plugin St185 Wideband


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I'm needing assistance on getting my PLX Devices DM-6 Wideband to work with my newly purchased G4X Plugin.  Coming from Megasquirt I'm not very familiar with the location of options of the PC Link Software.  I have a power supply, and a ground, but need help determining which wire to hook up the signal wire to, and how to get it to read on my laptop.  Can anyone offer some help?

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The PLX doesnt have a separate analog ground, so for best results make sure the main PLX ground wire is connected to a clean point on the engine block or cyl head.  

The PLX 0-5V output can be connected to any spare analog input on the ECU.  If you have the Link Expansion harness then there are 3 analog inputs on that.  Otherwise if you dont have the expansion harness then you could connect it to the old factory o2 sensor wire (ECU pin 33, AN Volt 1) or the factory airflow meter signal wire (ECU pin 37, AN Volt 4).  

Software setup would be something like below.  For the Lambda sensor control, assign the input that you have chosen to wire it to.


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