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Hello! Anybody here having issues with unstable triggers for 2JZ VVTI on a G4X ?

No start, trigger 1 does not remain a steady green  and rpm fluctuates. Prior to

installing the 2JZ VVTI was using a 2JZ Non VVTI on the same harness and ECU,

no problems at all. 

Also inspected the trigger wheel 36-2 and tried different sensors still the same 

problem. checked CAM for trigger 2 all good, tried different cam sensors still the same problem.

inverted possitive and negative wires for tirggers, ran new wires and sockets for cam and crank

outside the vehicle still same problem. Adjusted the filters and voltage references still the same.

finally replaced the storm with a different one and still the same.


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Your trigger voltages are below your arming threshold.  Try 0.2V in the first cell in both trig 1 & 2 arming threshold tables.  Trig 2 threshold table needs fixing at 4000RPM and above too.  Adjust all orange cells to look like mine below.


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