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wiring AEM Wideband for logging


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Hi guys, i am trying to rig up my AEM Wideband to the ECU for logging. I had the Grd and Signal connection connected from the Guage to the ECU as shown in the picture. For set up, i selected AEM Wideband UEGA. But unable to get a correct reading. The AFR just freeze at 1 lambda :( May i know if theres any known fault for wiring AEM to G4+? Or any knock fault for the current AEM UEGA calibration?



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Lambda 1 is the error value you have set.  So it will default to lambda 1 anytime the voltage on AN V8 is above 4.95V or below 0.05V.  So what voltage do you have on those wires when the ecu is showing 1.00 lambda?  

What is the part number for your wideband?

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Hi, so i checked the voltage using multimeter, the voltage was 0 with the wideband guage showing 14.7 at idle. so i guess my wiring is causing the issue. I tried removing the connector (i diy-ed out of electronic pins) from the ECU expansion slot, it measured zero, so i measured the voltage coming out from the AEM guage (the supposed signal sender form AEM to ECU) and it measured 1.16 to 1.2v.

Anyway may i check what the error value im supposed to have for my AEM x series?

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