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Electric wastegate control


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Has anyone found a way to control Turbosmart electronic wastegate via Fuel Tech power driver?

This time in Vipec i88, but also future in 4G+ . 

I would need control in 3D map RPM versus gear like it would be in normal solenoid controlled system, but electric wastegate works more like a electric throttle. So some kind of closed loop control would be needed? 


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can't remember if the i88 supports dual E-Throttle but you might be able to use the 2nd E-Throttle controller to control the wastegate and instead of APS on the axis you could put the wastegate Duty cycle, this would theoretically take the output of the boost control function and translate it directly into wastegate position. I know that we do plan to do something for electronically controlled wastegates in G4X.

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I wouldn't use E-Throttle 1 because you don't want to have TPS linked to wastegate position but yes I think E-Throttle 2 should work but would need to mock it up and test it to be sure that all the software was happy and the right variables were available for the table axes.

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