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RB20DET Cold start timing retard


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Hi All , 

New to tuning an i'm awaiting my G4x plug in ecu , with the factory ecu there is a noticeable timing retardation when the vehicle is cold , I believe this is due to the ecu warming the car up quicker it will retard the timing by 15 degrees to enable a faster warm up. Common issue with the factory Nissan RB20  Ecu anything over 50 %throttle or 3500rpm and the car will switch maps and jump back to operating timing and feel like a big surge in power.  Im running a straight pipe exhaust and it makes the car sounds horrible (think v6 commodore for the first 10 mins of driving the car)
How would i remove or delete this timing retardation on cold starts  in the ecu. I drive the car sedately until it reaches operating temperature

Thank you

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