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Series 5 13B: No start issue


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I've been battling with this specific car which has been having a hard time starting. It see's roughly 250 RPM while cranking alongside with 100 KPA. For background here is the current setup of the car:


Monsoon G4X (Rev 3.2, MainCode Firmware: 6.19.60)

Internal MAP Sensor with the BAP Disabled

Stock Series 5 13B Engine

Injector Dynamics 1050X Injectors

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator w/ Stack Fuel Pressure @ 43psi

Series 5 Full Range Throttle Position Sensor

Series 5 idle Air Control Valve

Series 6 / FD Ignition Coils and Igniter (Setup on Wasted Spark for the Leading Plugs w/ Ignition Offset at 180)


Injectors and Ignition Coils have been verified in the right location and working accordingly using the Test functions in the G4X software. I'm a little bit at a loss as this car was running perfectly fine the day prior and started to develop these issues leading to an intermittent no-start issue. The engine has good compression and there are no vacuum leaks present. On occasion the car kicks back and wants to fire but ends up not firing up. The last time the car was able to idle and run, it took nearly 25 seconds to start the car with my foot fully depressed on the throttle pedal. Trigger data as been set properly per data provided in the Link manuals, only changes that were made was setting the arming voltage to 0.2V @ 500RPM for Trig 1 and 2.


Below I have provided 3 different files, one containing the trigger scope log, log containing all the information of the car while cranking, and lastly the tune file.

TriggerScopeLog.llgx Series 5 RX7 6PT.pclx No Start Log.llgx

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Set your bap to internal and setup your fuel table y axis properly, your fuel table is using MGP on the axis with values from 0-130 when you should be using values of ~-80 and up and you should have your bap operating. This won't be your problem as the BAP being 0 makes the MGP value the same as MAP but this is very poor practice.

Next up your using modelled fuel mode but your fuel table looks like it is setup for traditional fueling, I would expect values of around 60 at idle in the Fuel table in a modelled setup.

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