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Trying to identify which skyline plug and play ecu I have.


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bought a second hand ecu and my R33 is going to the shop to be tuned on the 20th. can you guys help me figure out which model this is and what software version I need for the shop? they asked me to bring and leave my laptop with the car. 

it's a vipec

plug and play model for the gts gtr. can't find anything searching this serial number. and unfortunately this is the only pic I have as the car is in my buddies shop getting some suspension work finished up before the dyno. 




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I would say that is a V44 based plug-in.  You will want VTS software V4.10.2.  Before tuning make sure they check the ecu is running the last firmware V4.10.2 as that serial number is a very early one so may still be running old firmware that saw lots of improvements as it got more mature.

The V44 has no knock control, the ignition is wasted spark, but it is still a good capable ECU.

Download VTS here: https://www.vi-pec.com/software/vts-v4-10-2.1784

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