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Link g4x plug in ecu connection problem

Alex lai

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Link g4x plug in ecu connection problem, when engine running around 10 minutes it will auto disconnect to offline I try use F3 key reconnect again but same problem just can keep online 1x minutes, connection port auto baud rate 38400 show 1047 serial error and try port com3 show "2 protocol error".


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If it stays connected with the engine not running but drops out with the engine running then it would suggest there is significant electrical noise interrupting the USB comms.

If you contact [email protected] they can run through some suggestions and if its an early version G4X there may be a hardware mod to improve USB noise rejection. 

I would also suggest trying the slow connection mode (in the configuration menu), you need to disconnect and powercycle the ecu for this change to take effect.  And try both USB and a COM port in the connection settings as sometimes one can be better than the other.   



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If use slow connection will effect any datalog? 

I try selecting connections port auto to USB temporary no issues but last night USB only can keep online 2min,still got one new issue when I use ecu datalog after ignition key off few minutes and turn it on loses all log files. 

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