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GTRLink no spark or RPM when cranking


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I've been going back and forth with my tuner trying to figure out why I'm not getting spark when cranking. 1993 R32 GT-R with Hitachi R35 coils, wiring specialties harness, and stock CAS. Power is going to the coils and the spark tester lights up as it should during an Ignition test. Injectors are currently disconnected and all coils but the first are also disconnected. Signals for trigger 1 & 2 are being picked up but RPM has always been a constant zero. He thought it was not performing the proper calibrations (MAP and TPS) at first, but after I verified both had been performed we were both pretty lost. I've included a video of PCLink while cranking and the latest cranking log.

PC Datalog - 2021-09-5 12;25;00 pm after update.llgx

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The site isn't allowing me to upload the map directly since it exceeds 370.02 kB, hopefully this drive link works for you. The tuner sent me the map based on the R32 GT-R base tune included with PCLink. He suggested that I try a trigger offset of -247 since he recently completed a tune for a RB25 with those values, it was previously -50.


TriggerScopeLog 1.llgx TriggerScopeLog2.llgx

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