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G4x Monsoon Running rb25


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Hi everybody, first time posting on here.

Im having trouble getting my rb25 running right with a monsoon, I know its not the ideal setup with only 4 injector drives and 4 ignition. I've got it as far as idling very roughly with throttle input but when i go to set the base timing it is so far off the target that i cant get it there without the car dying. Seems like it could be around 100deg off at an estimate, when I am setting the calibration on the trigger calibration my target is 10deg btdc but once I change the offset to get the timing light closer to the mark around 30deg either way it doesn't run anymore.

Im thinking i've got something wrong with settings but unsure what as I am very much a novice here. 

I've attached my tune file if anybody is able to have a look that would be awesome. 

Running sort of.pclx

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Thanks Adam,

I've give that a go today and no luck i set the timing offset while turning the starter motor and and the offset was 65 degrees, but will not run like that at all.

I have just checked mechanical timing and its spot on.

I have confirmed that each coil works separately and in their wasted spark pairs using the ignition test function.

firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4

Am i correct in connecting:

inj drive 1 to injectors 1 + 5

inj drive 2 to injectors 2 + 4

inj drive 3 to injectors 3 + 6

ign drive 1 to coils 1 + 6

ign drive 2 to coils 2 + 5

ign drive 3 to coils 3 + 4


when it does run it definitely doesn't sound like al 6 are firing

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Nothing much leaps out at me in the log, everything looks happy.  

So your coils are definitely the S2 coils with 3 bolts?

I would suggest also try spraying some starter fluid or similar into the intake while attempting to start to confirm it is not a fuel related issue.

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