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Can't Connect PMU16 to MonsoonX


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i'm a total noob when it comes to ECUs and especially CAN stuff.

so i have a monsoonx and an ECUmaster PMU16. They're connected through CAN2, all resistance values and everything is fine. On CAN2 in parallel i also have an ECUMaster Keyboard which is working just fine. 

now for the life of me i can't get the LINK to notice the PMU16 at all. i changed channel 2 on CAN1 on the link to receive data stream, transfer data stream, changed IDs and when i go to search for devices nothing ever shows up. not the keyboard or the PMU16. 

is there any sort of documentation someone can link me to get started with setting up CAN stuff with the LINK? sorry i'm pretty clueless when it comes to CAN, but i'm not an idiot and can learn stuff pretty quickly. 


thanks for any help in advance.

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The "Find Devices" tool is only used for finding and reprogramming Link devices.  

You need to set up the CAN streams at both ends with matching formats and ID's.  If you attach your ECU and PMU configs I can set up a couple of examples to give you something to work from.

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I just bought myself a PMU16, Powertune Digital Dash and CanChecked M15 52mm gauge. Haven't connected that to the Link G4x xTreme yet. i'm interested on the author progress because i plan to connect all these components i mention via CAN to my Link G4x xTreme.

Any progress? or did u manage to solve your issue?

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It should be no drama to make all those work.  The dash and gauge will probably both use generic dash stream.  The PDM you will probably do a user stream as there is typically only a few channels send between ecu and PDM.  Attach your ecu and pdm config when you have the IO planned and I can give you a hand.

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