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Axis for Fuel table


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MGP on the fuel table and MAP on the Ign and lambda target tables is the most appropriate if you see significant elevation change in your normal operation.  

If you dont normally see significant change in baro then you can put put the same variable on all of those tables and it will be fine.   

The reason:

VE doesnt change with elevation, this means your VE look up (fuel table) is more correct if you use MGP on the fuel table axis.  MGP doesnt change at WOT as you drive up a hill so you remain working in the correct cell of the fuel table.   

MAP is more closely related to the pressure inside the cylinder so this is why it is better to have the lambda target and Ign table based off MAP.  For example, if MAP increases when you drive down the hill, then cylinder pressure increases (same effect as increasing boost), so you want to target a richer air-fuel ratio and less ign advance.   


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