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Tacho Output fault


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Hey there,

I am running a Link Monsoonx on an Isuzu Gemini where it runs an old school tacho in the dash. I am running an aux output through a tacho amplifier and it is working with the dash. Tacho seems to be working fine, albeit a little bit out,  however in the Pclink software the tach output when working is illuminated red and says fault instead of green like the other outputs. Is there a setting I need to change to remedy this? Will it damage the ecu if I keep running it like this?


I've uploaded a log if that helps


I've uploaded a log if that helps




PC Datalog - 2021-09-11 3;28;39 pm.llgx

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No it wont hurt anything and it is fine to keep using it like this.  The aux outputs do several tests everytime it turns on & off to detect potential faults.  It is likely there is some sort of voltage clamp circuit in that tacho adapter that prevents the aux output reaching battery voltage when it is off, and this will be considered a fault.  I believe there are plans to disable some of these fault tests in a future update as we have found a few devices that will trip them.   

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