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Link G4+ Nitrous oxide configuration


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Hi everyone!

Right now I am using the nitrous to spool the turbo during transbrake. But I have some trouble to do the "fine" tune on the fuel.

I am using one om my Digital input to trigger one of the Aux output. The Aux triggers two relays that controls my two solenoid, nitrous and e85.

Everthing works but I have some trouble to tune the e85 with the jets in my nozzel. I think there is some possibilitie for my to add a second fuel map so I can do the fine tune, but I do not know how. As it is now I tune i the main fuel table to get the nitrous working, right or wrong I do not really know :(

The boost level, even here I have some trouble to tune. I do my tuning in the main boost table to get the correct boost during transbrake. is there any way I can get another boost table when nitrous is active?

I add one picture to show how I configures the Aux output.


Best regards Frans


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You can enable a 4D fuel table, activated by Aux 6 and a 2nd Boost table activated by aux 6.

The 4D fuel table is a "percent adder", so for example if you have a number of say 7% in the 4D table, it will add 7% extra fuel to the main table when NOS is on.  And conversely -7% will remove 7% fuel.  


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