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G4X into an evo one. Wideband connection


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My apologies if this has been asked a thousand times....I looked but couldn't find what I wanted to know.

I'm in the early stages of fitting a G4X plug into my early evo. The car currently has an ECMLITE ecu fitted that uses all the stock wiring.

I have an innovate LC2 fitted to the car and that connects to the ecmlite via pin 56. The ecu takes the wide-band signal for logging and also has a switch to emulate narrow band into the ecu. ecmlite is just a flash able chip on the stock ecu board. 

I can unplug the wide band and go back to the narrow band. But would prefer the wide-band to be connected to the link for tuning purposes.

How do I get the LC2 talking to the G4X?

 I looked at the link pin outs but didn't feel comfortable messy around with it. 

Currently I have configured both output wires in the LC@ to be wide band out put. One output goes to a gauge and the other is currently connected to the ecmlite ( it uses all the same pins as a stock evo) I have one expansion loom if its needed.

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