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1jz master fuel issues


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Customer does headgasket, tune has not changed but in order to run properly master fuel had to be doubled. 4ms master fuel initially and now it is at 8ms, other than a new throttle cable and a tps calibration nothing has changed except fuel pump change. Timing has been resynced and tps calibrated, even tried a map sensor calibration. 

Fuel pressure is stable at 40psi at idle and regulator works properly and increases with boost pressure. 

Runs well at 8ms but is super lean at 4ms 

Injectors are fic 1000cc injectors

Running pump gas


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I've noticed it getting worse over time logging it and suspected a fuel supply issue, removed tophat and inspected tank to find rust and corrosion. Correcting issue and flow testing injectors currently. Will report back if issue is still present afterwards. 

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