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G4X into an evo one. 1 and 4 coil not firing


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Having some issues with setup.

Last evening, I set the base timing to 10 degrees with a timing light and the engine....badly ...but at least I had spark at 1&4 then!

Ive been working om the car this after noon and thought that the timing must be off as it would back fire and stop when the accelerator was pressed. Unfortunately it seems in my fiddling about, I have lost spark in the 1&4 coil. 2&3 are fine.

I though maybe Id cooked the coil with the ignition left on for a long period...so I swapped it with another one I have...the problem remained constant.


Im very new to this platform but I think ignition 1&2 in the auxiliary table say active when the car is running...it only just runs though


I will try to attach a log...hopefully, some one can spot my mistake.


Please forgive my newbie question. Im 63 and have played with a few very OLD ecu tuning packages but this one is still a bit unfamiliar.

If while you are looking you notice anything else wrong, please let me know. I tried to get to get the injectors setup but am still unsure they are right as it runs like crap.



PC Datalog - 2021-09-16 6;35;29 pm.llgx

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No, I dont see anything obvious in the log.  

There is an ignition test function in the software that you can use to test the ignition system without the engine running.  

With Ignition 1 in test mode you should have a spark on cyl 1 & 4, with Ign 2 in test mode you should see a spark on cyl 2 & 3.  So start with that.  If you still have no spark on 1&4 in test mode then it is wiring/coil/ignitor.  


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Thanks for the info. 

I did that and found there is spark at all plugs. 

I checked for spark with a new plug and a timing light connected 

this part is stranger than fiction… the timing light works on 2/3…. But even seeing the spark to confirm it’s there on 1/2, the timing light doesn’t detect the spark

It was running for a couple of minutes and got up to about 90 degrees. Then, it smoothed out and would rev off the accelerator. The fans didn’t come on so I shut it down and left it for a while… when I restarted it… it wouldn’t rev off the accelerator and ran like crap. 

the fan source is set to none… is that correct? I need to get them to work before the dyno 

I think it needs the cold start setting up… but that is getting into stuff I’m not familiar with so will leave that to the tuner to finish 


thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. 


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Thank you Adam 


I’ll reset the fans. 

regards the master fuel, yes,I have moved it. 

at 4 it runs best but won’t start… starts well at 10… but super rich when running. 

I’ll do some research and after I get the fans working, I’ll try my hand at getting it running well enough to drive onto the trailer 

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