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S13 SR20 hitting a weird limit.

Kevin Tyler

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Never once have I experienced an issue like this before. Real quick a run down of the hardware. 

s13 sr20det running e85 on a gt2871 Link g4+ drop in. 

Problem is under full load, the engine will encounter a break up around 5000 rpm. Will drive all the way to redline not under 100% throttle. I have gone through logs and files and nothing is out of the ordinary. I am chasing my tail on this one. I have replaced every sensor I can. new lift and surge tank pumps. I have removed the boost solenoid and plumped to run mechanical spring pressure in the waste gate with no change. I have also reduced boost levels with no change. The more I try to drive through the problem, the lower the problem occurs in the rpm range until the car has virtually no throttle input. I have attached a log and cal file if you want to take a look at them. Im lost at this point. The ignition system is z33 coils with plugs gapped to 0.56mm/0.022 for what its worth. 


log 9-20-21-1.llg Tune 9-20-21.pclr

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Thank you Adam for replying.

Yes they are genuine vq35 coils. I have sourced a new set and will try again later today with another new set of plugs. New Bosch 4.9 is in and calibrated. I believe its a hardware problem at this point. I will try a known good wideband controller next as well.

Missfire starts roughly at 5000rpm maybe a bit lower, basically when mgp reads 18+psi 

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