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G4X Xtremex +5v out & crank/cam ground


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So I have 2 question today;

this is all on a 350z loom;

1st  ;  the 5v output that i used to power TPS & MAP in the installer I/O table - can i also use it to power ntc water temp sensor & accelerator tps 5v?      how much load is the pin able to handle?


If its too much load I can use extra Ignition outputs cause they are 5v yeah?


2nd;  crank and cam sensors on the 350z loom have earth to engine not to sensor ground on the ecu - can i leave it that way?  if not does the earth wire have to be shielded too?

Sorry if these are simple questions but Ive been trying to read as much as I can but there are things I dont understand.....


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The 5V output will cover all sensors no worries, it can do 400mA - or enough for about 50 typical sensors.  Note however a water temp sensor should just be 2 wires connected to an AN temp input and ground, it doesnot need 5V.  

For the trigger sensor grounds, if thats how the factory loom done it then it should be fine.  Hall sensors arent particularly sensitive to ground offsets.  


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