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e-throttle issues 2jz dbw Kelford cams


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idle log pulsing.llg

Link g4+ Fury, 2jz S15

Hi there, this is my first time attaching  a log file so i hope it works.

I have an issue with my e throttle pulsing/hunting at start up and then after driving for a bit, and was hoping i could get someone to look at my settings and see if anything is incorrect.

Ive watched and researched many videos and content but just cant get it to idle consistently without it hunting/pulsing.

E85, 2jzgte vvti, bosch 82mm DBW, 350z accelerator pedal, kelford 264/272 cams and spring.

Its all dyno tuned to 650hp but the idle isnt perfect at all.

Ive re-calibrated the throttle and accel pedal multiple times, tuned warmed up idle on the 'e throttle 1 target table' with zero help from the 'idle base position table'. Then tuned the 'idle base position table' from cold start up to operating temp.

Im doing all this in open loop e throttle, if i change it to closed loop i get even more inconsistency. I also have idle ignition control turned off. I have played around with the ignition idle control but would rather it off for now.

Ill post a pick of my idle settings 

Thanks team

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Im trying to attach photos but allllllllll to big even taking a photo


Also trying to attach the log direct from G4 'export' but its too big 


not sure how i attach anything that small (2.45mb max)

Bellow is the tune from tuner 


bellow is my attempt to tune the idle setup


654.8HP idle.pclr

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So which tune is the one that was in the ecu when the log above was done?  

Each user only gets a small upload allowance as the there is a high cost for web host storage.  You can share any big files using onedrive, google drive, dropbox or similar. 

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The pulsing is due to the large variation between cells in the top row of the E-throttle target table.  

Try the map below, I have turned on idle ign control, fixed the E-throttle target and had a bit of a guess at the base position table - it is hard to know how close I am with it bouncing around so much and with the different idle timing.  I have also changed idle control to closed loop.  Try a log with this map, it likely still wont be great but I will make a couple of further tweaks once we have a log. 

Try this 1.pclr

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Really appreciate it.

Ive loaded and ran the new map. runs pretty well at idle and warm up from about 50-80 degrees. I did have to put a bit of fuel into a couple of cells at 80kpa idle. it was running a bit lean. (running a bit lean on idle from the tuner, not from the settings you have changed)

Ive just tried to attach the new log but its just too big.


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ive just got back from a big drive and noticed about three times just driving along normally, i loose throttle completely for a couple of seconds no matter what AP position i push. I just stops responding completely, then seems to come right. A little bit of panic every time haha.

ive logged this drive also if its possible to have a look? 



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Dropbox (file://DESKTOP-23MH8OQ/Users/PHIL/Dropbox)

ok so in the drop box link

the top log (adam link idle log fine tuned) is with the set of changed you made to your near perfect original map. only a small amount of hunting when pulling up to a stop.

then the bottem log (log throttle loss mid drive) is the one of most concern, it seems to loose all throttle/ power for a short time multiple times during the drive. 6.22-6.24min shows the issue. looks like the AP and TP are fine and dont loose power, but it wont respond at all.

its super weird to me as i was expecting the e-throttle motor to be loosing power or the AP to be not responding but it looks fine when the issue happens on the log. 

could this be fuel related? or spark? because if the throttle is open as it show, it has to be loosing one of the other two combustion sources 

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hs95qot8s1tk7e/adam link idle log fine tuned.zip?dl=0

thats the first log with the changes you asked me to make. ran great with only a couple of times it hunted at a stop


https://www.dropbox.com/s/w3jrg0ka7t3cv1r/log throttle loss mid drive.llg?dl=0

this one is the log with the loss of throttle issue mid drive. about 5-6 times it happened.

6.22 - 6.24 shows one of the times it had the issue

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There is no problem with the throttle at 6.22-6.24, you can see below TP follows target and AP well.  But I do notice the lambda went fully lean in that region, suggesting there is no combustion.  Over-run fuel cut was not active,neither were any other types of cuts.  

So possibly something else is going on - loose wire? fuel pump failing?  Not sure - but doesnt appear to be a throttle issue or anything related to the idle settings.

Actually just noticed - injector pulse width is going very short in that area due to the high vacuum, only 0.06ms.  Maybe the deadtimes arent quite right so injectors arent actually opening.  Try setting the min effective PW to something like 0.4ms.




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Ok thanks for that, I’ll change the PW highlighted to 0.4ms and go for a drive tomorrow. This change shouldn’t effect the fuel map tune? 

Also, could it be a clogged fuel filter or injectors, being e85 or would you say it’s too random to be something like that. 

i have twin intank walbro 525 pumps direct feed on a relay 

I’ll inspect for a loose cable on the fuel system components.


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