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60-2 trigger


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my name is Thomas and I have a trigger question:) 


Is it possible to use a 60-2 flywheel 

with “closed” gap Instead of open? 

I use a std Volvo trigger (reluctor)

converting a motec car to Atom x and

need to know if I have to change 

the flywheel...


regards Thomas 


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I can confirm that the crank sensor was incorrect polarity in your earlier scope.  

However, I see another issue which is there are two teeth on the cam that occur roughly 360deg apart, this means the "Cam Pulse 1X" sync method wont work reliably.  

If you are using sequential injection/direct spark then we should be able to use the "Cam Pulse Window" sync to get reliable sync, since one cam tooth is a bit longer than the other.  Not sure how the Motec would have ever worked with this cam though - was it sometimes difficult to start with the Motec? 

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I think sync tooth 17, trig 2 rising, 30deg window length should work.  Explanation of how it works in scope pic below (The sync tooth number is actually counted on trig 1 falling edge but since your sensor is incorrect polarity in this scope I have counted the rising edges. Sync tooth 17 usually means the 17th falling edge after the gap).




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