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S14 PNP adding Can output to Aim dash Link 101-0019


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You will need at least a CANJST cable https://dealers.linkecu.com/ADA_2.  You can do your own wiring from that or if you want our pre-made stuff, a CANEXT https://dealers.linkecu.com/ADA_7, and a  female DTM4 for the dash: https://dealers.linkecu.com/DTM4F will get you there.  

A bit more info here: https://linkecu.com/dealers/can-connection-cables/


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on the aim display the 14 pin connector has a pigtail with 4 extra wires- yellow says reserved - power and gnd and then 2 more

grey TX

 blue RX   

can i connect those to the grey and yellow wires on the cable that has the 5 pin connector to the ecu- there are 5 wires - i got a picture that shows 

brown rs232 ground

green can hi

white can lo

grey RX

yellow TX 


the vendor here is saying all the support needs to come from Link - not so impressed that i get told to buy these 2 cable adapters and nothing comes in the package and its not very clear what cables to buy to add canbus to the pnp..  and no where can i find the instructions to connect. 

i was typing as you posted that-- ok i will move it from Can1 where i have it now


thank you! 


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