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Subaru frogeye Wrx plugin


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Hi all,

there is a wrx rallycar (with an old G4 plugin)in for an engine rebuild after some mild detonation damage. so logically i am about to check the tune but the customer complained about very boggy driving conditions so i assume it'll need a proper tune anyhow.

now the biggest problem : the tune is pasword protected so if i dive in i'll have to start from scratch. I dont have alot of experience with subaru's in general. So my question is: how good is the G4 basemap parts of the variable intake cams ? not so much about the positions but the actual pid control. I'm a bit scared about that as i need to rent a 4wd dyno so i'll be time limited for the tune.


i assume the G4 is about the same as the G4X and G4+ i'm used to work with ? or are there some key features missing ?


regular group N car with restrictor removed , on normal fuel not E85




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The VVT will generally control quite well with our default settings.  There are exceptions such as if it is running oil of different viscosity than the factory specification.  However, you dont need a dyno to tune the VVT PID if it does need work, I usually have good success just sitting there at fast idle and doing step tests to cam position. 

There will be lots of features missing from the G4 compared to the newer ECU's but most of the main tuning functionality is similar.  Lots less user tables, less options for limiters, auxes, more basic idle control etc.  Probably no knock control depending what ecu it is.  

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