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1uzfe info please.


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Hi all my first Link forum. 

I am almost at the stage of finishing my Ls400 1uzfe project. 

I would like some advice on which Link ecu I should buy. 

Here is the spec for my project. 

1995 1uzfe gen2 engine believed to be around 1995 with standard skinny rods. Gen2 fuel rails with 400cc injectors. New gasket through out, new starter. New water pump log manifolds to Borgewarner T4 turbo charger and intercooler 2 Bosch fuel pumps. Rear mounted radiator Yaris coil on plugs. Genuine MAC 3 Port Electronic Boost controller EBC Solenoid Valve Turbo Car ECU. SAAB 9-3 3 Bar Map Sensor. Standard throttle body. Wide band knock sensors and wide band AEM fuel ratio sensor with Bosch lambda plug. Ford 2 wire idle control valve. Bmw e36 gearbox Lucke h/d clutch. Phew think that's it. Any advice is welcome Regards Ian. 1869212206_AUG2019(1).thumb.JPG.1b88ca6ab012c48a75fa83ec9056d884.JPG

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Assuming it is a cable operated throttle I would suggest the StormX.  It has 8 injector and 8 ign drives so can do sequential/direct spark, has enough IO to do everything you need and has most common motorsport functions enabled.  If you wanted a little more functionality in reserve for future upgrades the XtremeX would give you the ability to add E-throttle later + more advanced software functions such as traction control and cruise control.  


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