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PWM output to control factory boost gauge


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Hi there,

Another thing on my to do list is to control a factory boost gauge via an aux output (pwm most likely ) to also dynamically move as boost target changes.


I don't know if it'll be possible but as a baseline, at least have a boost gauge that somewhat works.


It would be great if the needle / gauge output target moved as boost target changes via an AV potentiometer.  


Here are the photos of the gauge.  I'm assuming AUX 3 can be switched a pwm ?  Would I need a pwm to AV convertor of any sort ?


A good write up here.  Probably a good starting point.

"Chromedecu.org | Boost Gauge" http://chromedecu.org?page_id=889


Any known feedback?

Will it work? Do I have to use a specific output ?  My high level drawing attached.



More photos




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On 10/2/2021 at 6:20 PM, Adamw said:

Aux 3 will be fine and it should work connected directly.  I have no idea what frequency the factory gauge uses though.  

Thanks, Trial an error for freq i guess....  From factory, they always seem to lack accuracy anyway...


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