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Subaru V6 G4x plugin


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Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase a Link G4x for my Subaru my00 V6 with a swapped V7 ej207 STI engine.

I want to run the V7 inlet AVCS system, the V7 intake manifold with the IACV solenoid (rather than the V6 stepper) and convert to the V7 coil on plug system.

1. Because the stock V6 ecu runs a waste spark ignition I want to wire in two extra ignition sources and use a direct spark system > do I have to use an ignition (aux) output for this or can I also use the Aux outputs?

2. For the extra AVCS solenoids and the cam angle sensors do I have to use mentioned DI1 to 4 and Aux1 to 4 channels or can I also use the other available DI and aux channels when I correct this in the software?

3. The manual notes on page 18 that the injector drivers 7 & 8 are not exposed/usable but they are also not mentioned in the pinout or extension looms > those are however separated injector outputs which are not crossed/mixed with the "spare" ignition 7 & 8 outputs on the extension plugs, correct?

Thanks in advance!

Greets Dennis

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  1. You will need to use Ign 3 & 4.  These are originally used for the radiator fans so you will have to move those fan wires to ign 7 & 8 on the expansion plug to make Ign 3&4 available for ignition.
  2. You need to use DI1-4 for cam position, DI4 cant be repurposed as it has special hardware on it, so really DI1-3 in this case.  I would use DI 1 & 2 for the cams.  The start signal and PS signal can be moved to DI 8 & 9 on the expansion.  Any Aux can be used for the AVCS solenoids so I would suggest Aux 5 & 6 which will be free from the old idle valve.
  3. There are no Inj 7 & 8 drives fitted.  Ign 7 & 8 are available.   
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Hello Adam,
Thanks for the fast reply > the points are clear to me now.

I also want to add an 2 pin IAT sensor > instead of using the Extension harness 2 or the original spare ECU pin can I also wire this into the AnVolt8 or 9 and the second wire to the ground on the extension1 connector?
The manual also uses the AnTemp3 name two times but doesn't mention the AnTemp4 is this a typing error?

Greets Dennis Elands

Edited by Dennis
Add IAT the question
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There is no ANTemp 4 available on this ecu.  You can access ANT2 & 3 on the expansion connector or ANT3 via the main header pin B136-19.

To use an AN Volt input for a temp sensor you need to wire in an extra pull-up resistor to 5V also.  

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