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help with plugin linkecu running h22a honda on itbs


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Hi Adamw,

Will upload my tune later if that's okay for you to look at, if you can notice any problems. 

Engine going OK but likes to bog down, air/fuel mixture goes to 27.1 and hard to hold a rev on start up specially when cold but not as bad when the engine temp rise.

Tps doesn't want to stay at 0.5v closed?

Cold start plus something else?

Thanks for your reply. 

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PC Datalog - 2021-10-11 6;32;59 pm.llgx

Thanks for the feed back 

Much appreciated 

Will get trigger scope reading at idle and send to you, plus the tune file will take another quick log on cold start up and send 

As for the fuel, am not sure hence coming here as I've payed two tunning garages an im still not running great, i have a trigger kit 36-1 to install which the last tunning garage explained for higher rpms 

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I just noticed the log you posted earlier where I said there were trigger errors and the lambda was way off, is dated 5 months ago.  So that is probably all irrelevant, your recent logs dont show a trigger issue and lambda is much closer.  

I think your biggest problem in the recent logs is closed loop lambda isnt set up well and your lambda sensor either is playing up or perhaps there is an intermitant misfire or air leak which causes the lambda to read lean - the closed loop then dumps lots of extra fuel in and floods it.  

I suspect there may be too much accel fuel too, but try changing the settings in orange below first to see if it behaves better.


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